Election  insights

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​What this election tells us most of all, is the amount of frustration people have living in an unjust system. 

DNC supporters will blame it on the 3rd party voters. No. It’s your own fault for being so corrupt. You will be broken apart. 

Many leftists say that this shows how racist and bigoted America is. No. This shows that the same neoliberal, capitalist policies that hurt the global south also effect and hurt Americans. This shows how frustrating the high rates of job loss and identity loss are. Trump was always a populist candidate. 
What else it shows is that we failed. We failed to reach out to those communities and build solidarity. Instead we focused on calling them racist and bigoted. Burning those bridges in this era of public shaming and call outs. 

Many RNC people say look we won. Understand you’ve taken up a large responsibility. You hold the president, Senate, and the house. If you don’t deliver, it’ll be the end for you as well. 
Most of all, this is probably the most honest vote cast in a long time. Obama tricked us, Bush did too. But we know exactly what we are getting in trump. And we voted for him. This reflects honesty. 
It also speaks volumes on the moral decay of our society. All of us who follow the individualist religion have a hand in that.


Voting 3rd party matters.

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Realpolitik. A system of politics or principles based on practical rather than moral or ideological consideration. This is an important and one of the valid approaches to making the decision to vote. After all, why vote for a candidate that has no chance of winning when one can influence who the next president will be.

I get it, we want to be on the winning team. That is identity/class/tribal instinct. It allows us to make move forward as a collective. But it can also blind us to alternatives and our own limitations. Well, as it turns out, our votes don’t influence anything practical. The status quo right now ensures that no matter which party wins, the people lose.

It is imperative to our survival that we understand this reality. This retrospective study by Princeton University shows public opinion has “near zero” impact on U.S law. It also shows that U.S law and policy are directed by corporations and industry. Moreover, we must also understand that if we live outside of a few swing states, our votes do not matter. Thanks to the system of  the electoral college, it does not matter if I vote Democrat, Texas will endorse Republican, and hence my “vote” will also be Republican. It is also established by political scientists that we do not live in a democracy at all. We actually live in an oligarchy. A system where a small group of people or organizations control a country. These reasons are sufficient to establish that our votes for the two parties do not matter.

How do we break this cycle of losses? Well, that requires us to look beyond the tribal politics and disunity the oligarchs have embedded among us. There are many things that we can do, such as running in local elections as independents and staying true to our convictions. However, as far as this election cycle is concerned, we can make our votes count as well. The way to make them count is by voting 3rd party or independent. As previously established, a vote for either of the two parties is a vote for the status quo of oppression. But a vote for third party speaks volumes. That vote brings national spotlight to alternative candidates who are not beholden to the oligarchs. Enough popular votes casted outside the two parties of the oligarchs can even break the status quo.

One may say that we will need a lot of 3rd party votes for that to happen. I agree. But big change is possible even with a small number of votes when it comes to third parties. Only 5% of the vote is needed to qualify them for public campaign funding assistance. That opens up their doors for the future. The current situation is also one where none of the votes matter. So, practically speaking, realpolitik, take your chances with the bleak hope of 3rd party over the hopelessness of the status quo.

Skepticism and Institutionalized Education

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Web of knowledgeMost Institutionalized knowledge centers make people brain washed and have them believe one specific thing that caters to the interests of the institution. Skepticism and Confidence both are used to make the person believe they are correct. Just as how the illusion of freedom of expression helps the state spread propaganda, the illusion of skepticism helps the institution spread it’s own propaganda.
Ex: after going through rigorous studies of medicine and tested on concepts that western based medicine accepts and promotes, health care providers start to look down on folk remedies and indigenous health practices. But that disregard of the other is accepted and promoted under the guise of skepticism and “lack of data”. However, when rules of western medicinal practices are challenged such as in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, or other disease states… Blind, grounded, beliefs are promoted and the skeptics are seen as imbeciles or “conspiracy theorists”.

Both tools are used to promote the institutional, profit driven, knowledge.

One who seeks true knowledge must always hold on to the belief that what they themselves know is little, and must always remain open to learning, and accepting differences. That is only possible if one considers all others to be equal to themselves. Yet the trap of knowledge is ego. As one gains more knowledge, their ego and faith in themselves grows with it, unless it is properly checked. This is the trap that the institution depends on to promote its propaganda as the divine word itself.
One who seeks true knowledge must consider themselves ignorant. Knowledge of something should make them realize the futility of their control over it. True knowledge seekers use knowledge to increase their faith in God, in a higher power as opposed to using knowledge to stroke their own egos.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

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The champion of Revolutionary Shi'ism, Imam Khomeini saw resistance against imperialism and oppression as essential to practicing Islam.

The champion of Revolutionary Shi’ism, Imam Khomeini saw resistance against imperialism and oppression as essential to practicing Islam.

Imam Ali and Capitalism: Resistance to an oppressive system.

May 17, 2014 § 1 Comment

Asalamoalikum dear brothers and sisters. Recently i did a speech at my local Islamic center on the virtues of Imam Ali. The following is a transcript of that speech.

To be a Shia of the imams means to follow them. It is not enough to only love them. Many times, our adultered view of love, or what we think love means can even lead us astray. It can lead us away from the path that the imams followed. That is why it is important for us to remind ourselves, that our duty is to Follow the imams, in every aspect of our lives. Not just proclaim our love for them. Before making a decision, before thinking about another person, before letting even a whisper escape our tongues, we must ask ourselves if the Imams would let that whisper escape. If the imams will think that way about another person, if the imams will make this decision. And then follow their example.

I say all this before continuing because I want everyone, and especially the youth, to take something productive from this speech. I want everyone to look at the life of imam Ali and Follow his example, instead of only praise it. We praise him as the father of the orphans, but why are our communities filled with children in foster care? There are stories where he helped poor Christians from the Muslim treasury. The poor spent money on alcohol back then just as they do now. But why do we withhold our hands from giving to the poor in our communities? It is because of issues like these that I wanted to emphasize the difference between a Shia of ahlulbayt versus a lover of ahlulbayt.

The youth is growing up in this society, going to education institutions here, and being fed western theories and models of government. These models do not uphold Islamic values of governance, they do not teach the true responsibility that a government has to its people. Our youth learns about Capitalism and its presumed virtues every day but do they know that Imam Sadiq (a.s) has described Abu-Sufyan as being a capitalist? Islam makes it impossible for Capitalism to grow by prohibiting usury, monopoly, extortion, and overcharging prices.

It is important for our youth to learn what Islam says about proper governance. Even if we do not live in an Islamic country, we can use these guidelines to implement in our own communities. Even if we do not live in an Islamic country, it is still our responsibility to forbid evil and promote good. It is not okay for us to accept the evil of this society, we have to continuously fight against it, and at the very least, we cannot become such that we promote that evil. Who better to learn the good and evil of governance from than Imam Ali himself?

During his time as a Caliph, he enacted policies that would improve production in large quantities, and then distribute them justly among the people. He tried to meet the basic needs of all citizens, and especially the poor. To follow the Imams example would be to feed the closest hungry person to us. It would be to make sure the basic needs of that person are met so that he/she can aspire for a better living without having to worry about feeding his family.

In this country, great shrines are built to honor those who have “made it” to the top. Those who are wealthy. Our youth is told to worship these personalities and “learn” how they made it. The culture of this society is obsessed with personalities. And our youth is taught to be obsessed with them as well. Business and economy classes at colleges preach the teachings of these personalities as if they were prophets. We are told to aspire to be like them.

But what does Imam Ali say about them? In a letter to Malik-e-Ashtar the Imam compares such people to “the scum of human society” who “hate justice” and are “never satisfied”. The same imam who is a mercy for us all, the same imam who shows mercy to those who go to war against him reserves such harsh words for these people. That should emphasize the weight of his words. That should emphasize the true nature of these people.

Our youth is also taught to despise the poor. They are labeled as being lazy, as being leeches who suck our tax dollars and spend them on drugs and alcohol. The poor are demonized in this society. The god of Capitalism is money so naturally, those who don’t have it become Iblees. And this dogma is preached from schools to universities and beyond. But again, what does Imam Ali say about the poor? In the same letter, the imam compares the common men, and the poor to “pillars of Islam” the Imam advises Malik-e-Ashtar to be good friends with them, keep their affairs in your mind, and secure their trust and goodwill. Islam teaches us that the needs of the poor take precedence.

Even if we do not live in an Islamic state, the formula of Imam Ali still applies. The needs of the poor do not diminish, neither does their importance, and nor does our Islamic Duty towards them.

In another instance Imam Ali said “The fuel of Hell in the day of judgment is every person who is ungenerous with the poor….” this harshness towards those who are ungenerous really drives home how important it is for us to take care of the poor. Generosity is not only from our pockets, but it also applies to the words we use, it also applies to how we think about them, and how we treat them.

Imam Ali said “People are of two kinds, they are either your brothers in religion, or your brothers in humanity” He didn’t discriminate between muslims and non-muslims, blacks or whites, arabs, or non-arabs. To him, there were those who were needy, and those who were greedy, and he treated each accordingly. If we claim to be the followers of the Imam, If we claim to be actual Shias, and not just children born into a Shia-claiming household, then we have to follow their actions and take care of the people who surround us. We have an Islamic Duty to do so.

God forgive me for any mistakes I may have made.


Message to the brothers: Islamic feminism and its importance to a revolutionary.

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For many Muslims who live in the west, there is a popular form of feminism that we see. We see that such a form of feminism goes against Islamic principles, and we rush to speak out against it. 

Then we come across some Muslim female personalities whose agendas are promoted by the western media. They claim to champion the cause of feminism in Islam. At first, we are glad to see a fellow Muslim being promoted by the western media. But after finding out what they have to say, we realize that their views are not based on Islamic morality. So we decide to withdraw our support from them.

Then we come across Muslim sisters who also promote the cause of feminism. Yet they speak of Islamic feminism. However, our previous knowledge of western feminism over shadows our thoughts and we do not listen to what our sisters are saying. Yet if we were to listen, we would realize that the vast majority of our sisters promote legitimate Islamic principles that champion the rights of women. We would realize that by supporting our sisters, we would be fulfilling our Islamic duties in the creation of our society. 

The problem is that we just look at the loud Feminists which the western media claims to promote women’s rights in the oppressive religion of Islam. We take a reactionary stance against them and end up condemning Feminism in general. We end up promoting misogyny because we are taking a reactionary stance. This hurts our sisters and drives a greater wedge between us. It splits the Ummah apart. And a split Ummah is easily conquered. 

The enemies of Islam are well aware of this. They promote the wrong form of feminism as being “legitimate” so that we will react to it and inflict great harm on our sisters. If this cycle continues, it will ultimately lead to breaking the very foundations of our culture and society. Then, it will become easier for westerners to move in with their cultural standards under the name of globalization and impose a highly destructive culture on us all.

This has already happened in many Muslim societies. Which is why it is even more important for us to support our sisters in promoting legitimate feminism. It is vital for us to help them in the destruction of the patriarchy through Islam. If not, we will find ourselves, our brothers, and our sisters enchained by the same system of oppression and imperialism. 

To resist imperialism is to resist patriarchy. 

Historically it were the monarchs, the imperialists, which bastardized the religion of Islam to create a hierarchy between man and woman. The Ummayads, the Abbassids, the Fatimids, the Ottomans, the Safavids etc all used the religion for their selfish purposes. These same powers which used Islam as a means to oppress and to consolidate power, also used Islam to promote misogyny.

Why? because a divided population is easier to control. By driving a wedge between the relationship of man and woman, they essentially split the cells that make up the society. By doing so, they made sure that the people cannot come together to effectively rise against them. 

That is the reason why Islam promotes justice between a man and a woman. If justice between a man and a woman disappears, then the ummah breaks down as a whole.

A broken ummah is a conquered ummah.

God forgive me for any mistake i may have made. 


How arrogant is…

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How arrogant is mankind to create and build the world and claim to not have a creator themselves.