History will absolve you Trayvon Martin.

July 14, 2013 § 5 Comments

The justice system may not, but History will absolve you Trayvon Martin. I cannot help but be reminded of the word of Fidel Castro in front of a court which did everything to enact injustice upon him. 

Dear Trayvon, the world knows of your innocence and the world knows of the crime of Zimmerman. The “Justice” system of the U.S.A is laughable indeed. Even using the word “Justice” to refer to to this system disgusts me. A ruling by an oppressive system does not change the truth, it is laughable. You are innocent dear Trayvon, and Zimmerman is a murderer. He may not face the penalty in this life, it is too early to say, but he will face true Justice in the court of God. 

You are immortal now dear Trayvon, your memory is a constant reminder of injustice in this system. Your sacrifice brought the true, racist, disgusting, figure of this country’s judiciary to light. It is because of you, that millions today see the true form of this disfigured “justice” system. For that, we owe you.

Your name is a mark on this nations history that won’t be erased. It is a mark which will continue to grow until it topples the system that did injustice to you.

May your memory continue to wake the masses from their slumber. Amen.


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§ 5 Responses to History will absolve you Trayvon Martin.

  • blessed says:

    “Nobody knows what really happened except trayvon and Zimmerman. The justice system relies on reasonable doubt not our emotions.”

    Something to think about perhaps.

  • blessed says:

    Fiasco is the one I’ve quoted above.

    • Haroon Waseem says:

      What he said is true. But Justice is supposed to act on what is known. heck if i was to get in a car accident and the other person ends up dying, i still get charged with manslaughter. How come Zimemrmann didn’t even get charged with that? while a black woman in Florida who shot a warning shot in self defense (not hurting anybody) got 20 years in prison. The Justice system does not rely upon our emotions, true. But isn’t it supposed to rely upon a set sense of justice when given the facts that are presented to it?
      The truth of the matter is that the justice system is arbitrary in this country. There is no justice. It is a manipulation of the minds of the jury and depends on what ‘justice’ means to a select group of individuals (jury). Choosing that jury will decide what ‘justice’ is served.

  • blessed says:

    I was only quoting in reference to this specific case, that there perhaps may have been no factor of racism involved, and that the acquitted may simply have acted in self-defence-(even though most people (online, anyway) seem to like to think otherwise).

    I personally don’t have an opinion on this, as I don’t know enough (neither about the incidence nor about the law of Florida), but I just found what Fiasco said to be interesting and thought I’d share.

    Another thing that’s interesting is why this specific killing, out of all the killings that take place in the US has gotten so much media attention.


    I guess it would be interesting to read the trial if they make it public.

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